Tuesday, August 14, 2007

imogeneANDannie: Pattern and Piercing

I admit it. I just love bunnies. I can't help myself... their little fluffy tails and their cute little ears...

It was my love of bunnies that first drew me to imogeneANDannie's shop, where I found a few other friendly woodland creatures, as well as a lot of really unique jewelry.
imogeneANDannie's jewelry focuses on two classic metalsmithing techniques: surface decoration and piercing.
This "Bunny Necklace" features the silhouette of a rabbit, skillfully pierced from an oval medallion adorned with a sweet floral motif. It is a very cute necklace, to be sure, but it is also elegant in its well thought out simplicity and fine craftsmanship. Also, the photograph itself is lovely.

The "Branch Earrings" pictured below are an other fine example of some very precise piercing. The stark yet elegant shape of a bare tree branch is cut from silver and oxidized. These earrings are very unusual without being over the top.

In addition to wonderful pierced jewelry, imogeneANDannie features some lovely jewelry made with vintage beads.

To see more of this artistic jewelry, check out http://imogeneandannie.etsy.com/ or visit http://www.imogene.org/ to see work by other great crafters too!

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