Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Dangly Earring Theory

At one of my previous jobs, I used to do a little bartending and serving at outdoor beer stands. As one might expect, some days I would make a lot of money in tips, some days not so much. Of course this can be attributed to any number of causes: the weather, the time of day, the age of the crowd that particular day.... But after working for a while I started to notice a pattern. It seemed as if the amount of money I made in tips was directly proportional to the length of my earrings. I even went so far as to conduct an experiment. Every day I would wear a longer pair of earrings, and see how much money I made. I hypothesized that there would be an upper limit to this trend. How long is too long for dangly earrings? I suspected that once they hit my shoulder the effect would wear off. Unfortunately, I had to move before I could complete my experiment.
If anybody who waits tables or bartends reads this, perhaps you would like to give it a try too!
Ah, the power of jewelry.

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