Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun With Stamps

I've been sprucing up my packaging and making my own business cards and thank you cards with rubber stamps for a while now. My rubber stamping skills are pretty basic, but I wanted to try something new, so I decided to make some hand-carved stamps. I found this nice little tutorial from Weirdbuglady and decided to give it a try. I already had a set of linoleum tools and some ink pads, so all I had to buy was the rubber stamp material. I got a small piece of it from the local craft store for a few bucks. I decided to start out with my little bird motif, since It's pretty simple. I made a large and small version, and used them to make some promotional bookmarks (my website is stamped on the back) They're pretty homey, but I think it kind of works in a way. Hopefully with more practice my stamp carving skills will improve!


JMW Jewelry said...

I made myself a stamp not long ago with my logo to stamp on my jewelry boxes. I carved it on one of those white artist erasers from Hobby Lobby! Works really well if you just want something small.

Copperheart said...

That's a great idea! The stuff I used was just like white eraser in consistency.