Friday, May 30, 2008

Handmade Wedding Project no.2- Guest Book

Bookmaking is something I have never really done before, but I thought I could figure out how to make a simple guestbook without too much trouble. Well, it took me two tries, but I think it turned out pretty well, for an amateur job.

To make this book I cut two pieces of thin cardboard for the covers (it was from the back of a drawing pad) Then I cut a thin strip of the end of the front cover to make a sort of hinged cover. I covered the cardboard with leftover fabric from the sash of my dress, leaving a little space in between the two pieces of the front cover so it has room to bend. Then I covered the inside of the covers with colored paper to cover the raw edges of the fabric where it was glued down. I punched holes in the covers and all the pages, then sewed them together with a kind of simplified stab binding. Finally, I covered the sewing with a piece of ribbon and stamped a little heart on the corner with white ink.

I also made some teal tissue paper covered votives to go with my white ones.

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