Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bringing Brooches Back

I once made the somewhat outlandish claim that I was going to single-handedly bring brooches back into fashion. At the time, I was making some pretty artsy brooches at school, the kind nobody could really wear in their daily life, but I also made some sweet little winged heart pins in etched copper and steel wire to sell at our metals department valentine's day jewelry sale. I don't think I sold many brooches (except to my professors who bought one) so I promptly gave the rest away to family members, who still wear them to show their support :)

Anyway, I just listed the first brooch I have ever had in my etsy shop. It's pretty simple- just a little picture I did in enamel set in a silver bezel setting. I don't think it's going to bring brooches back into fashion any time soon, but it's cute.


Daine said...

I for one welcome our new brooch overlords.

Monkey said...

I think brooches are nifty and that you should get Justin T. to write you up a little tune to this one...bringing brooches back...YEAH take it to the chorus!