Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crafting Safety Tips (things that are hot)

The Etsy forums are an invaluable source of information for us crafty types. Here is a list of useful studio safety tips gleaned from the Etsy forums.
-Items fresh out of the enameling kiln are hot, and will be for some time. Do not touch them. (my contribution)
-Resist the temptation to stir molten metal with your fingers.
-Don't check to see if something is cool yet with your fingers.
-Don't mix rock with metal unless you like explosions.
-Don't touch the end of a hot piece of wire solder, unless you like puncture burns.
-If you have been heating something held in a pair of tweezers, the tweezers will be hot.
-If you use said hot tweezers to pick up a small piece of wire, that small piece of wire will be hot very shortly.
-If your soldering board is hot from a previous operation, any small piece you set on it will become hot as well.
And Finally...
-Just let the hot metal fall, don't try to catch it!

Many thanks to LunasaDesigns, Stamp, sherrytruitt, studiometalsmith, yoboseiyo, wingedegg, blueladystudios, mysmallwonders, and sylviavincent for their insights!
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Rebby said...

haha! Great advice and very funny! :)