Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Bit About My Enamels

Ever since I took my first enameling class a few years ago, I knew enameling was something I wanted to pursue. I tried my hand at various enameling techniques, with mixed results (darn you, melty cloisonne wire!) But I had trouble finding my own style. A year or so later, I took a fantastic drawing class with a professor who let us do absolutely anything we wanted to do, which helped my develop my individual artistic style. After I graduated and finally bought an enameling kiln of my very own, I began experimenting with enameling techniques to create enamel pieces in the same style as my drawings. Then I discovered overglaze enamel paints and watercolor enamels. Now all my enamel designs are made by drawing on the base coat with a crow quill pen and thinned overglaze enamel paint, and then filling in color with the watercolor enamels. So far I'm very happy with the results!


Tracy said...

Really lovely work :) --and thank-you for your comment about my banner.
Will now go and see your Etsy store :)

Copperheart said...

I'm glad you like it