Monday, June 13, 2011

Craft Fair Booth

I finally got my craft fair booth together and looking decent just in time for my third fair! Here are some photos from the Sun Prairie Taste of the Arts Fair last Saturday.

I made cork displays by framing pieces of cork tile in some old frames I had. The hanging earring display is made with strips of dollhouse wood trim stapled to the back of a frame with chains added for hanging. I also made some stacking shelving with boards and terra cotta pots.

I got some inexpensive trellises from the hardware store to hang paintings from. I cut them down a bit to fit and then screwed eye hooks into the top. I used metal shower curtain rings to attach all my hanging displays to the trusses of the tent.

I think it looks pretty good but I'll probably keep tweaking it a little bit and maybe add a few more displays.

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