Thursday, November 4, 2010

Metal Clay Success

Well I finally accomplished a successful piece in metal clay- after 3 failures. So far I've found metal clay to be a very challenging medium, and I miss the crispness of working in sheet and wire. It looks like my biggest challenge is going to be getting a nice smooth finish on my pieces. I'm by no means a mirror polish kind of girl, but I'm having trouble getting things to be even and consistent in metal clay. I do love how quickly metal clay pieces can be assembled, though. I should have lots more coming soon!


Melanie-Pearl said...

Looks great---glad you persisted! I'm excited to watch you incorporate all of your skills and see where it leads you.

Swati said...

Nice!! Is that enamel?

Copperheart said...


MoonRae said...

So glad to see you back posting!! This obviously has been a "changing" year for you(literally and figuratively heehee)
I admire and respect the changes in the studio you have made because of the baby....things we should do for our own health and well being anyway. You have inspired me to also make some changes with chemicals and such.So I have to teach myself a few "new" ways of doing things, it's all good. Thank you for this!!
Your new piece is gorgeous and I'm sure you'll be quite successful with your enamel and metal clay!!

Copperheart said...

Thank you!