Thursday, July 8, 2010

Safer Studio - Citric Acid Pickle

As my next step in making my studio a healthier place, I replaced my Sparex pickle solution with citric acid. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with how well it works. This is one of those things I can't believe I didn't know about before. I got a great big five pound jar of citric acid powder for about twenty bucks. I've heard that you can get it at the grocery store because people use it for canning fruits, but I couldn't find any here so I ordered it from Amazon.

To use citric acid for pickle, you just mix one part powder to ten parts water and keep it warm in a little crock pot. I've also read that you can use it cold if you mix a stronger solution (1:3) but I haven't tried it. The hot solution works really well. It seems to work almost as well as Sparex- well enough that it won't really slow me down at all. I can already tell that the fumes from the citric acid pickle aren't as irritating to my lungs.

Of course citric acid is still acid, so a certain amount of care is still in order. Remember to "do what you aughta, add acid to wata," and neutralize with baking soda. Don't drink it or put it in your eyes or anything like that.

Overall I'm very happy with the results, and I would definitely recommend citric acid to anybody looking for a safer alternative to commercial pickle chemicals.


Carol B said...

I've been planning to make the change to citric acid too. Did you start over with a brand new pickle pot? I've been wondering how to dispose of the sodium bisulfate and if it's possible to safely "clean" the old pot and use it for citric acid.

Thanks in advance!

Copperheart said...

I just neutralized and scrubbed out my old pot. It seems fine. If anybody has any ideas about this leave a comment.

SharonP said...

Thanks for this great info. I did not want to use regular pickle while working at home, now that my metals class is almost over.

You have a great blog full of informative tips, keep them coming!

Bits of Grey Matter said...

I've used Citric Acid for about two years, at home... I love it. I still have to work with PH Down at work, so it's so nice to breath better and work safer at home.

Swati said...

Oh thanks!! I will get that :-)))