Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liver of Sulfur Gel

Like many jewelers, I have had an old, rusty can of liver of sulfur (or "the stink" as we call it at my house) sitting around for years. After taking a little hiatus from jewelry making, I was disappointed to find that my mostly full can of liver of sulfur had gone bad on me. (Interestingly enough, when liver of sulfur goes bad it stops stinking) So I replaced my old can of dry liver of sulfur with a jar of the new gel variety, and I am very happy with it! It is much easier to use, and gives very consistent results. With the dry stuff, you had to dig around to find a chunk that was the right size, then wait for it to dissolve, and you could never be quite sure how strong the solution was going to turn out. With the gel variety, I just dip the end of a little scoop into the jar and stir it into a small container of hot water. It's easy to make just as much as you need. Plus, the gel liver of sulfur is supposed to be more stable than the dry stuff and has an extended shelf life. Of course, it's still really stinky, and you still have to be careful not to breathe in the fumes, etc, but It's a big improvement!

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