Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Alive!

Well, way back in August (!) when I made my last post I said I was really busy getting ready for my new job. Well, since then, here is what has happened. I've been working at my new teaching job for about 8 weeks now and while it is very challenging I think it is going well. My husband got a new job in a different city and we just got a new apartment in a city halfway between our two jobs. My husband had exactly one day off between his last day at his old job and his first day at his new job, so we've been moving a little bit at a time after work and over the last few weekends. So, now that we're finally almost done and ready to start actually settling in at our new place, I got hit with H1N1. Seriously. So, now that I'm home sick with no energy for anything else, I finally have time to make another blog post! Funny, huh?
I am getting better though. I'm fever-free and hoping to be back at work tomorrow. Hooray!
The good news is that my new apartment has a perfect little studio space. One of the previous residents converted the pantry into a darkroom, which it turns out is also perfect for a metals studio. There's built in ventilation, lots of storage space and electrical outlets, and a nice tiled countertop. As soon as I get myself set up I'll be posting some photos!
I'm planning on my life being back to normal sometime in November.


Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

Welcome back! Hoping your recovery continues. I'm looking forward to future posts!

MoonRae said...

Missed you! Please take care