Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Am a Turtle: Unanticipated Benefits of Project Wonderful

I recently decided to give Project Wonderful another try to get out some advertising for my etsy shop. If you're not familiar with Project Wonderful, it's a service that allows you to purchase and sell advertising space through an auction system. The first time I tried it it wasn't as popular in the handmade community as it is now, and there weren't that many sites available to advertise on that were a good fit for my shop. It was mostly webcomics at the time. Anyway, there are lots and lots of sites in every category to advertise on now, and I have discovered that one of the hidden benefits of advertising through project wonderful is that you can find all sorts of interesting sites there. I recently found I am a Turtle through one of my advertising campaigns. It's a super basic site (we're talking black text on a white background and no graphics) that lists the phrase "I am a turtle" in 48 real languages and 15 "not so real" languages. Want to know how to declare your turtleness in Turkish? This is the site for you. How about binary? They have that too. Very useful.

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