Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Activity: Snake Sculptures

Here's an activity I did with my second graders that turned out really well. The kids loved it and the snake sculptures turned out great. The images are of my own samples, but the kids' projects are way better, of course. We watched a little snipped of the jungle book and then looked at some pictures of snakes to get ideas, and then we started making our sculptures!
First we used tin foil to make an armature for the snake. I cut a long narrow piece of foil for each kid and they crumpled them into a long snake, pinched them to shape and then bent them around to make a snake pose.
Next, we wrapped the tin foil armatures in plaster bandages. It only took one layer of bandages to get a good solid sculpture.
Once the plaster bandages dried, we painted the snakes with patterns. This took the kids a couple classes because they were painting so carefully! When they are all painted and dried we're going to mod podge them to seal the paint.


Swati said...

Hey Alison,

I have changed my blog url to now. Can you please change this in the link you have so generously given to me in your blogroll? :-)) And the name has also changed to "Fleur Violette Jewelry" now.

And I want to are so multi talented! How many different kinds of artistic skills do you have!


Copperheart said...

Sure thing! I saw that you moved but I hadn't gotten around to changing it yet.

Nena's Art & Designs said...

Hi, love your work! I especially like the Easter Eggs. It gives me a great idea for an art assignment for my students, hmmm...

Copperheart said...

Thanks! The Easter Eggs are lots of fun- we do them this way every year.