Sunday, March 8, 2009

Youth Art Month

As you can probably tell from my severe blog-neglect, I've been really busy lately! Student teaching is a lot of work because It's like having a full time teaching job and still having a bunch of stuff to do for the university.
Anyway, yesterday I went down to Madison to help set up the Wisconsin Youth Art Month show in the capitol building. If you're in the Madison area you should definitely go check it out- It's on display on the second level of the rotunda. The show includes artwork from students in grades k-12 from all over Wisconsin! There are some really amazing pieces on display. The show will be on display in the capitol until march 20th. You can find more info about YAM here on the Wisconsin Art Education Association Website.
It's also great just to see the inside of the capitol building, which is very classical and ornate, with colored marble, gilding, mosaics, sculptures and paintings. Here's a shot of the inside of the dome. Every time I go to the capitol I see little kids standing on the floor of the rotunda looking straight up into the dome and spinning around in circles.

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