Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Day of Student Teaching

Today was my first day of student teaching, which is awesome of course, but unfortunately it means I'm not going to be seeing my husband much for the next 18 weeks because he works nights and weekends. This morning I got up and found this cartoon he made for me on the bathroom counter. Despite the misspelling of chiaroscuro, I thought it was pretty great! I love how the "A" has an arrow in it and how he gave me a great big belt buckle. It's very super-heroic.


WoollyAttic said...

GO--go forth and save the world from the evil "Master of Light"!
(you know who I mean)

Katrin said...

Good luck! And hope to hear soon how it is going!

Stephanie said...

Hi Alison (Copperheart)

Just found your blog and all your tutorials and they all look fantastic. Good luck on your first day! Im a jewelry designer and new stained glass artist and I'm always adding something new! You seem the same way (adventures in paper making)
Come visit! I'm new to blogland.