Friday, April 11, 2008

I do not remember Precious Roy

This blog post is not by Alison, alias Copperheart. It is, in fact, by her fiance, Justin. In exchange for my marrying her, she has given me assistance in creating an Etsy shop of my very own.

Right now there's only a comic book for sale, which I like to call "The Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999." The title, I feel, speaks for itself. My friend Josh Lynch and I put this book together as a sample to drum up interest in a series we're shopping around to publishers, and was previously only available at conventions (and to submissions editors at prestigious comic book publishers).

Josh is a for-real professional artist, and I think it would do you well to check out the book. It's kind of lame to be "It's super limited edition," but it totally is, you know. I've got, like, six left in the current print run; they were hell of expensive to print, so any new edition we'd make would be printed on much cheaper paper than the beautiful thick stock it's on now. Therefore, you should buy this rare flower of sequential art immediately.

In addition to being a writer, I am also a musician of sorts; I write and record music with my brother, Zach, under the name Morrison Bass. To date we've produced a full-length, 12-track album called Hometown, which will be available on the shop shortly. It is equally as awesome as the Wyatt Earp comic, except that you can hear it. Also, it contains no cowboys, but there is much else to recommend it. To that end, you can visit our lo-fi MySpace page at

Anyway, it may seem kind of crass to advertise on my fiance's blog, but this was actually her idea, so I will not feel bad in telling you that my comics and music are beloved by right-thinking people the world over, and several former candidates for the 2008 US presidential election have bought them (I will not tell you which ones, but let's just say Ron Paul would only pay me in currency that bore his face).

Good day, citizens.

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