Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Snow

One of the joys of living in Wisconsin is that it can snow well into spring. We're having a lovely snow shower today, and I am stuck at home once again when I want to be in my studio making jewelry.

On a more pleasant note, I got a new little toy that I really love- it's a little punch that makes rounded corners on paper. Neat! One of my professors had one with her in class, and I was so excited about it I stopped at Hobby Lobby on my way home and picked one up. It makes really nice rounded corners on artist trading cards.

OK so I'm kind of a nerd. If you've read my blog before you probably already knew that.


Monkey said...

That's a nice trading card! :)

Copperheart said...

thanks! It's one of my samples for my ATC project for High School Art Day