Friday, December 28, 2007

Copperheart Improvement Plan

With the new year around the corner, I've made some resolutions to improve my jewelry business. The main ones are pretty standard- make more stuff and promote more. I also have some ideas to improve my jewelry itself. First, I'm going to put longer chains on all of my pendants, as I have learned from hanging around on the Etsy forums that a 16" chain is considered too short by many people. I also worked out a handmade clasp design which I will be adding to all of my chains in the near future. I also got a nifty new earwire-making tool (thanks glittercritter!) and I plan to start making all my own earwires as soon as I get a tumbler to harden them up. I've already started working on making my own headpins, and I replaced all the plain loops on my items with wire wrapped loops. I'm going to try to do all this before next semester starts- I wouldn't want to get bored over winter break!

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